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How To Use The Law Of Attraction

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Attracting and manifesting your desires requires you to ask for and gently demand your wishes. The Law of Attraction has to be used in certain ways in order to be effective. Success is determined by the link between your wishes, your energy, and your beliefs. If you ask for your wishes in the right way; and you infuse your wishes with the proper energy; and you believe at the core of your being that the Universe can grant your wish; and that it should, all of your dreams will manifest.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction

How To Use The Law Of Attraction

Infuse Your Wishes With Expectant Energy

Using the Law of Attraction correctly means asking the universe to grant your desires in written and verbal form. But don’t just write and say what you wish for. You have to project confidence in your wish by sending out the same emotional vibrations you would have if you already achieved your dreams. Begin my imagining and listing all of the emotions that would be running through your mind if you were living your dream.

For example, if one of your fondest wishes is to lose weight, than you would list the emotions you know you will feel when you are at your goal weight. You may feel excited, sexy, free, strong, energetic, beautiful, flexible…etc. Now write not just your goal weight, but also the way in which you would be moving through life at your goal weight. If weight loss is a goal, you may write something like: “I am excited about becoming 150lbs. I know that I will have lots of energy to do fun activities with my family. I know that my partner and I will spend more quality time. And I know that my presentations at work will rock because I will be so confident.”

Gain Do Not Lose

Note that the manifesting statement is not “I want to lose 50lbs.” This is an important point. To use the Law of Attraction appropriately, positive energy requires that you discuss things in terms of gain NOT in terms of loss. The Universe responds to positive affirmation of your ideal life, your ideal body and your ideal finances. The Law of Attraction is about gaining, it is never about losing.

Finally, creating your ideal wishes, infusing them with the appropriate energy and repeatedly affirming your new reality is not enough. You have to believe and be prepared to accept the Universe’s manifestation of your wishes.

Believing & Receiving The Gifts Of The Universe

Believing and receiving are the critical final steps in using the Law of Attraction in your life. The twin concepts of believing and receiving propel your wishes into reality. You have to believe that there will be a response to the positive energy signals you have unleashed and you have to be able to see and accept and understand the responses. Believing that your desires will manifest themselves is essential because this energy is vital to your wishes. Asking as if you will be rejected will ensure defeat.

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You must ask as if you know your wishes will be granted.

Receiving the manifestation of your wishes means to begin living as if they are true. Your emotional state has to mirror the emotional state that you know will exist when your wishes manifest themselves. This serves two purposes: it creates the energy you need to inject your wishes with positive vibes and you begin to focus on the good and forget the negative. Your increased focus on the positive and the good will both increase your connection to the Universe’s energy, thus bringing your dreams that much closer.

Excitement and true commitment lie at the heart of the Law of Attraction. Recognize that you are worthy and no request is beyond the Universe’s ability to grant. Throw out all logical barriers when creating your demand and wishes. When you combine the conviction that you are worthy and begin to ask for the things you imagined were always beyond your grasp. To use the Law of Attraction successfully, you have to reject doubt and embrace possibility. Everything is possible; you must inject your wishes with confidence and open yourself up to receiving the gifts of the Universe.

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Yes, The Law of Attraction Led Me To Buy Gold

Using the law of attraction to make money is one thing but to buy gold? Yes, that is exactly what I did last week once I heard that gold prices were at rock bottom rates. Traditionally it is best to buy low and sell high, as with stocks and other commodities markets. But with gold you want to hold long term to protect wealth against possible hyper inflation, decline in the dollar, economic collapse, nuclear war (not kidding), and God only knows what other calamities may befall our collective economic state.

So, using a custom video visualization tool, I focused on what, exactly, I should invest close to $100,000 in. Not long afterwards I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio and there was a gold commercial playing,. Of course! Gold is the perfect investment in these troubling times.

But the company they were promoting (I will not name them here but they are well known) had a somewhat “sketchy” online reputation. I checked…

Not one to gamble, I did some checking and found one company (yes just one) that had an impeccable record. An A+ in fact with the BBB. OK, found my gold dealer! You’ve probably heard of them: Regal Assets.

Anyway, I filled out their online form requesting their gold package or whatever and they promptly called me back to give me some instant information on what they had to offer. Long story short, my wife and I decided that now was the perfect time to invest in gold while the price were down from the overinflated rates of just last year.

I always figured it was good to have money in the bank. Still think so. But business has been very good these last few years and I simply do not trust the US dollar to keep its worth. Precious metals will and have  very long history of not just sustaining its value, but being recognized the world over as genuine MONEY. Real money. That is what I want, not made up digital numbers (aka printed money) used to bail out another floundering corporation.

Bottom line is the law of attraction guide me to a prosperous business venture once I learned to focus my mind on what I wanted. And now has led me to invest my wealth in a resource that basically insures my wealth against economic woes. Investing in gold, while not earth shattering advice, was the only logical solution. While you must take chances to MAKE wealth, it is best to go the safe route to sustain it.

I can’t recommend investing in gold enough. My advice to you, the reader, is to call Regal Assets and request your own gold kit. Their direct number is 1-877-960-1885 or you can get their 2014 gold kit online by going to buythatgold.com (where I got mine).


Transforming Loneliness: The Art of Manifesting Your Perfect Mate

The Law of Attraction can help you take the passion and zest in your life to the next level with a lifelong partner. Online dating and blind date horror stories are enough to shake the confidence of anyone. Modern dating is challenging even for the strongest believers of happily ever after. Attracting your soul mate does not have to be traumatizing or embarrassing. It can be a fun filled adventure filled with self-love and discovery.

No matter how successful humans are, we continue to feel unfulfilled until we have someone to share our life with. Being single, widowed, or divorced can leave an aching emptiness. It a unique kind of loneliness which often makes it difficult to enjoy all of the other things in life that are going well. The following strategies will help you successfully attract the soul mate you have always wanted. The Law of Attraction has helped legions of humans identify and find their other half, it is now your turn.

manifesting your perfect mate

Manifesting your perfect mate

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It Begins With You

It seems counter intuitive, but the best way to attract the partner of your dreams is to begin with yourself. List all of the qualities which make you an outstanding and loving potential partner. Then make sure that you commit to displaying those qualities. Do you consider yourself generous, then make sure you volunteer, donate time, money, or a helping hand. If you are great with children do you babysit loved ones, do you mentor teenagers, and/or do you tutor youngsters?

Find ways to actualize the qualities which define who you are. It is through your actions and the energy you generate through them, that your soul mate will recognize you. If cooking is one of your loves, then take cooking classes, host events, and put your dishes into competitions, or even start a blog and share your fantastic recipes with the world.

By living your life surrounded by things you are good at and which make you happy, the Law of Attraction will respond to the powerful positive vibrations you are producing successfully. You will manifest the partner of your dreams, because you are projecting out into the world that 1) you would make a great partner and 2) you are ready to meet your soul mate. The combination of the two is really quite powerful.

Connecting Your Future Partner’s Qualities With Your Happiness

Begin with understanding and listing all of the things that make you feel safe, desired, loved, and fill with you with laughter. Focus on the feelings created by the qualities rather than the qualities alone. A successful Law of Attraction manifestation of your soul mate will follow from a focused meditation on the ways in which your life will change when he or she arrives.

Ask and vividly imagine how you will live differently. Where will you live, where will you travel, how will you handle holidays, what gifts will you purchase, what traditions would you like to create, what special meals will you make, how many children will you have…and the list goes on. This exercise focuses your soul mate desires on the really important things.
Many practitioners of the Law of Attraction learn very early on that they were not specific enough in their desires. There are many disappointed men and women who have attracted partners but who forgot important details. Asking the Universe for a man over 6 feet tall or a woman with a great job is useless if you forget to add that you want 3-4 children with your partner.

Remember that the steps to manifesting your soul mate require a real commitment.

  • Open yourself up to love
  • Make sure that you are working on yourself and your qualities as a potential partner every day
  • Embrace all of the lovely things you will do with your future partner
  • Imagine in detail all of their external features
  • Choose and link their internal desires and wishes to your happiness

By approaching your partner’s qualities and connecting them to how each one makes you happy or helps you fulfill a dream, you will manifest a partner who meets your physical, emotional, and mental needs.

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3 Successful Strategies For the Law of Attraction

1) Research & Understand the Principles Behind the Law of Attraction

At its simplest level, the Law of Attraction states that the most important thing in the universe is energy. Our thoughts, beliefs, hopes, fears, ideas, and dreams are all instances of energy. And since the world is made up of this energy, things are created or destroyed through the manifestation of positive or negative energy. The importance of energy in the Law of Attraction cannot be overstated. Michael Losier, a LOA author, states “I attract in my life whatever I give my energy, attention, and focus to, whether it is negative or positive.”

Even a simple review of the Law of Attraction on Amazon will reveal countless success stories of people who have used energy and thoughts to transform their lives. Beginning your journey is as simple as reading the stories, ideas, and successful strategies of countless writers online and in books. The principles of the Law of Attraction have been explored by various authors since the early 20th Century. The central unifying idea behind Law of Attraction books from finance to Hinduism, is that the ideas and thoughts in your mind have a direct effect on the world. Negative or positive, the choice is yours.

2) Build a Community of Supporters

There are many people who believe that the Law of Attraction is a hoax or that it doesn’t work. Once you have committed to giving the Law of Attraction a real shot, negative people and naysayers can directly hurt your chances of success. It is important that you intentionally surround yourself with positive and supportive people who don’t think you are wasting your time. If thoughts are energy, than the negative thoughts of people around you will derail your attempts to send positive beliefs, dreams, and ideas into the world. Successful people make a conscious effort to surround themselves with a positive environment.

The comments and beliefs of negative individuals and their negative energy can be destructive to both your potential and to your person. Negative energy leaves us depleted, tired and discouraged. These are prime negative emotion breeding grounds. The Law of Attraction will still work in a person who is bombarded by negativity and becomes depressed, anxious, and fearful as a result of the negativity. Unfortunately, this means that negative thoughts and ideas and exactly what you don’t want to happen is what you will attract from the universe. Energy responds to energy, and creating a positive supportive environment is the key to avoiding negative attractions.

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3) Engage In A Daily Practice Of Positive Thoughts & Words

It is very easy to get discouraged in the beginning. Between your own thoughts and the negative thoughts of the people around you, it can be hard to see progress using the Law of Attraction. At this stage you need to dedicate 30-45 minutes per day of pure relaxed, focused mental energy on your heart’s biggest desire. The language you should use to describe your dreams is important. The key to success in the Law of Attraction is finding ways to keep doubt away. Use proactive language such as, “I will”, “I can”, “I do” and success will be yours.

Throughout the rest of the day, you have to keep negative emotions, thoughts, ideas, and words from unraveling the progress you make with the positive thoughts. One way you can keep track of your continued active practice is to write sticky notes with 7-10 things you want to do, have, or be. Place them around your home, vehicle, and work space. When you write your affirmation statements on your sticky notes about your dreams and desires use complete sentences. You can write things like “I am looking forward to being wealthy”, “I am excited about losing weight”, and “I can’t wait to have children”. These statements tell the universe what you want, and more importantly that you believe that you will receive them and that you deserve them. In this way you communicate with the universe through the positive energy created by your positive affirmations. The universe-which is made up of energy- understands you best through the energy you generate by your words and your ideas.

Successfully using the Law of Attraction to transform your life is within your reach. You simply have to commit to the principles that your mind and your words are important. Remember to change your environment to reflect your positive mindset, practice every day, and research the successes and strategies behind the successful use of the Law of Attraction.

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